Tom Cochrane (tom_cochrane) wrote,
Tom Cochrane

i'm out

i discharged myself. i can't just sit there in a hospital bed... I ... I walked past the journal on the way home, seems to be a lot of activity going on there, all the lights were on.

I should call someone from work, see when i can go back. see if they want me back...

Apparantly i have to see a psychologist

Apparantly i'm on the hospitals 'at risk' list.

What i am going to do? 'Hello Mr. Shrink person, my name's Tom, and i'm an alcoholic. I recently tried to kill myself and failed. My wife was murdered before my eyes when i was 25, and my child was stolen. I See the horror in everybodys life when I touch them, see it, feel it. Oh yes, I'm a freak. Now lock me up in a nice little padded cell please'

.... um...

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