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I'm so sorry. I wasn't there. I'm not sure I could have helped anyway... but I wasn't there...

Joshua broke his leg, I've been with him at the hospital since last Tuesday. Bad break. He's been in a lot of pain. it hurts to see him in pain... Andrea and Cecile are out of town for the next few weeks and I've been looking after Amelie and Joshua. And he broke his leg... Great Dad I am. He fell off his bike.

I sent an email into work, but I doubt anyone got it with all the crap that's being going on down there. I'm so sorry guys. Will, Marti, Aileen, Aidan, I hope to God you're all right now. And if not... that you will soon be.

I'm chasing up some leads, in between visiting the hospital. He's coming home tonight, should make life easier, Amelie misses him.

Will, guns I can do. Guns I can handle. But stakes? Vampires? All this shit is new territory to me. I know I couldn't have handled all the shit you did... If someone's willing to teach me how to stake a vamp, I'm willing to learn, I need to learn. For the kids' sake if nothing else...

What the fuck happened? How did a group of vamps manage to effectively kidnap our top guys? This stinks. Literally. I've heard talk of Ciaran, Aidan's brother being involved. Is he all right? No one seems to have found out... I know the others are home, but what's happened to this Ciaran bloke?

I can't believe Joshua broke his leg. Two minutes. We were in the park. Amelie wanted an icecream, we went to get her one while Joshua cycled round us on his bike. Next second, screaming... he was on the floor, all tangled up in his bike, with a broken leg. I feel so terrible for the little guy. It hurts. But...I picked him up, blocked him without even thinking about it. I held my son in my arms. And it felt so... right.

Threw away the last of my JD. Hit the one month JD free point, and decided I really don't need it anymore. Not even to look at. Fuck, I've put on weight though... I swear, that's Claudia's fault... and Susan, been pumping me full of ice cream to cheer me up! Speaking of Claudia, I think she went on a trip with Susan. Not sure due to all the kerfuffle with Joshua, she's not back yet at any rate. Hope she's okay.

Will wants us all in the gym at 8.30am every day. Sounds good to me, can loose my ice cream stomach and get Joshua to school nice and early. I need help with this vampire staking stuff though. I'm a cop at heart, I like guns. I shoot things. I don't stab things in the the heart with pointy bits of wood.

... things change I guess...

I'm going to get Joshua's favourite dvds out tonight, order take out and sit and watch tv with the kids. My son... my kids... it feels like that now. And its a nice feeling. I can touch them, I can cuddle them and make them feel better. I can tuck them in at night and kiss them to sleep. I've got Helen and Marti to thank for that. To thank for helping me learn to control... me... I've never been able to do it before... and the difference is almost ... frightening in its intensity.

I haven't spoken to Helen in weeks. God, I hope she's all right... I miss her...
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